Varen Bashir "Lord Acosi"

Ranger- Pathfinder


Varen is rather muscular for an elf, but still thin by most humanoid status. He has a thin red goatee that comes to a point. He dresses fitting to his new station of Lordship in a hunter green cloak with burgundy inseam, a fine brown doublet and black pants. He has an ornate bow slung on his back and two swords. He is known to favor one of his swords and often grasps the pommel of it when nervous. He can sometimes be seen talking to it- like he is asking advice of it.


Varen Bashir is the last of the original Acoti Rangers left in the realm. The bastard son of elven nobility from elven lands to the north, he was well cared for. Although he was brought up by his biological father, Lord Magrolis, he was greatly resented by his father’s wife, Lydira, who could not have children of her own. After the mysterious death of his father, Varen left the lands of his father at the behest of his step-mother. After a time of wandering the wilderness, Varen was recruited by the Acoti Rangers. He has since risen through the ranks and has become Lord Acosi. He is charged with recruiting and training the new Acoti Rangers on his lands.

Varen Bashir "Lord Acosi"

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