A powerful warlock, Scratch is a field agent of a shadowy organization known as the Academy. In the field, he gathers information for the Academy and performs any 'wet work' that may be needed.



Level 11 Tiefling Warlock (Feytouched paragon path) Size: Mediump. Age: 38p. Gender: Malep. Height: 6’p. Weight: 210p. Alignment: Unalignedp. Deity: Agnosticp. Adventuring Company: Order of the Drakep.

ABILITY SCORES (After Mods)p. STR: 15p. CON: 17p. DEX: 16p. INT: 19p. WIS: 16p. CHA: 21p.

Initiative: 8p. Speed: 6p. Languages: Common, Elvenp.

RACE FEATURESp. Infernal Wrathp. Fire Resistancep. Bloodhuntp. Bluff Bonusp. Stealth Bonusp.

CLASS FEATURESp. Eldritch Blast as basic attackp. Fey Pactp. Prime Shotp. Shadow Walkp. Warlock’s Cursep. Slashing Wakep.

FEATSp. Improved Misty Stepp. Ritual Casterp. Jack of All Tradesp. Empowering Shadowsp. Scion of the Godsp. Sacrifice to Caiphonp. Twofold Cursep.

SKILLS (After Mods)p. Acrobatics: 10p. Arcana: 14 (trained)p. Athletics: 9p. Bluff: 17 (trained)p. Diplomacy: 12p. Dungeoneering: 10p. Endurance: 10p. Heal: 10p. History: 11p. Insight: 10p. Intimidate: 15 (trained)p. Nature: 10p. Perception: 10p. Religion: 11p. Stealth: 15p. Streetwise: 15 (trained)p. Thievery: 10p.

AT-WILL POWERSp. Eldritch Blastp. Eyebitep. Misty Stepp. Warlock’s Cursep.

ENCOUNTER POWERSp. Infernal Wrathp. Witchfirep. Otherwind Stridep. Mire the Mindp. Will of the Feywildp.

DAILY POWERSp. Fortune’s Reversalp. Hunger of Hadarp. Ooze Incarnatep.

UTILITY POWERSp. Beguiling Tonguep. Fey Switchp. Shadow Formp.

GEARp. Main hand: Rod of the Feywild +2p. Off hand: Rod of Corruption +1p. Armor: Shadow Warlock Leather Armor +2p. Arms: Warlock’s Bracersp. Head: Goggles of Nightp. Neck: Elven Cloak +3p.

RITUALSp. Knockp. Eye of Alarmp. Water Walkp. Undead Servitorp.

OTHER EQUIPMENTp. Backpackp. Fine Clothingp. Adventurer’s Kitp. Ritual Bookp. Spider silkp. Dragon’s favorp. Raven, Quothp.

Money on hand: 12pp; 1,615gp; 40sp; 325cp; 100 relic gold



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