At the Frontier of Acot

Vampire Weekend Part 3

Order of the Drake

The Order of the Drake gathered their wounded and contrived to remove the fallen shield guardian from the sewers.

They traveled to the chapel where Mindartus and Scratch examined the wrecked machine. Although their knowledge of these things are great, Mindartus decided that he preferred to remove the thought crystal from the machine and teleport to Shavenfell to discuss the issue with his master.

Scratch traveled to the city library to continue his research. He found that the volume he sought was already checked out and in the possession of the head librarian.

Doppelmeier attended the weekly worship for the Raven Queen.

Varen and Alec attended to the defenses of the Ravari Apartments.

Mindartus conferred with his master and discovered a ritual that would allow him to commune with the crystal. Through it he accessed its memories and discovered the location of the lab that the Naga sisters were using for their experiments and the creation of the strange undead “Blasphemes” that they had fought.

Mindartus also saw a pale version of DaShain talking to the Demon

Mindartus returned to Acot City and using the knowledge gained about shield guardians, he restored the machine to functionality.

He shared the knowledge gained with the rest of the party.

They reentered the sewers and made directly for the lab. They directed the priests and paladins and other fighters to enter the sewers to the south as a distraction.

Upon entering the lab they discovered one of the Naga’s as well as several of it’s creations and another shield guardian. The battle was fierce. Near the end, the Naga attempted to escape and in the struggle it knocked Scratch through a magic portal.

The others slew the Naga and destroyed the control crystal that it used to control the minds of the undead. They also saved one of the undead which seemed to house the spirit of Miska. The spirit had been able to intermittently help them during the battle.

Now the Order of the Drake waits, uncertain if they should chase their friend who could be in danger or rest for fear of the battles ahead.



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