At the Frontier of Acot

Vampire Weekend Part 2

Order of the Drake

The party girded themselves for battle and ventured forth to the apartments once again. The sewers were their destination. They made sure to start out early in the morning to take advantage of the sunlight.

A band of leather clad folk waited along the road to the apartments. Doppelmeier nodded at them.

“Bolster the defenses of The Guards, they’re likely to need it in the coming battles.” He said confidently. The other members of the party exchanged glances.

“Who are they?” Asked Varen.


They continued on while checking the map of the sewers. They determined that one of the openings was under a large warehouse. It seemed like a likely starting point. They made their way to the warehouse.

They cautiously entered and found that the dirt floor of the warehouse had piles of earth mounded up in five to six foot lengths. Varen, his curiosity getting the better of him, dug through one of the mounds. A vampire lay within, blinking up at him weakly. It hissed and tried to rouse itself. Varen grabbed it by its grubby hair and tossed the unprepared vampire out the door into the sunlight where it burst into flames.

Doppelmeier made his way to The Guards’ enclosure where he enlisted the help of some of the townsfolk. He directed the leather clad “friends” to go from house to house to seek out the mounds of dirt and expose the vampires to sunlight. He took the townsfolk back to the warehouse and set them to the task of taking apart the roof to allow sunlight to stream into the building. He then demonstrated that they were to uncover the vampires. The townsfolk took to it tentatively at first, and then with enthusiasm. The Order of the Drake continued their explorations.

They entered the next room of the warehouse. It was smaller, but they noticed the mounds of dirt had been destroyed. One of the walls had a whole torn through it. Peaking outside the door they noticed that there was an arcane circle scribed into the ground. It had been obscured by a weeks worth of weather and parts of it were impossible to make out. However, Mindartus and Scratch determined that it was part of a ritual by which a demon could be summoned.

The smaller room also had an entrance to the sewer. The party entered and found the remains of vampires who had crossed whoever had entered the sewer before them. Continuing on, they found a room where a great battle had raged. It was unclear who had won the battle, but there were more splattered remains of vampires.

Entering the next room, they encountered several green skinned zombie type creatures as well as a Naga and a Shield Guardian. They attacked.

The battle was fierce, but they managed to defeat the zombie creatures and the Shield Guardian. they pursued the Naga who made its way to the main sewer chamber and started to scream for reinforcements. More zombie creatures attacked. Additionally, zombie creatures found their way into the room behind them from a different area. The Naga escaped while the Order of the Drake battled desperately for survival. At the end, all of the zombie creatures lay dead. However, they knew that an advantage had been lost and their next foray into the sewer was likely to be even more difficult.

Scratch and Mindartus stopped to study the remains of the Shield Guardian while the others warily watched for more enemies to arrive.

Varen found a small leather bag in the muck…



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