At the Frontier of Acot

The message in the bag

Varen finds a small leather pouch dropped by the Naga. In it, he finds 20 platinum pieces, a holy symbol of Vecna worth 200 gold, and this letter.

“You and your 2 sisters will guard us Naga. Your arcane arts have been most useful in creating the Blasphemes who guard us during the day. You will be rewarded for your service. I have heard your complaint about the fumes in your laboratory. I have employed the demon to clear the air of all foul smells and fumes.


Varen reads the letter aloud, crumples the parchment and throws it into the muck in disgust. ” Two more of those things still lurk down here. No doubt they’re healing the one we injured as we speak. I’m not even counting the demon. The more we linger, the more time they have to prepare. We cannot face them in our current state. We have to regroup and rethink our strategy. I say we recoup our strength at the chapel tonight as we discuss a new battle plan and perhaps get some more help. If we face three nagas and the demon all at once we will not survive, even at full strength.”



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