At the Frontier of Acot

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Overheard from passerby: ”...I heard that too! Gozran the Mighty has returned from his voyage. Finally, a true hero returns to help us. Bet the Pernokians will quaking now!”

Barman: “Heard Lord Kulu is coming up to visit the city. Seems to have some kind of problem to discuss with the king. Everyone knows says he’s behind on his taxes. Some guy named Vlad had been covering for him, but I heard he left and now Kulu is up a creek. Hahaha!”

Storyteller to Children on a street corner: “Berilu the Traveler is know to lurk on the roads and under the bridges. His eyes twinkle when he tells his riddles, but he sweeps his cloak across those who fail to answer and they travel road after road until they learn better! But answer well and he gives secrets of magic and mysteries. He walks the land, and once he walked here long ago. I was a young man…(story continued upon request)”


I would like more story please sir!

General News

I’ll give the full tale at your guys’ next respite. Things are too hectic to go listening to random storytellers at the moment.

General News

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