At the Frontier of Acot

Dwarf Friends

Order of the Drake Recruits

The party follows the desperate dwarvish voice up a cave wall. There they find a dwarf who was held captive to the dragon. He introduces himself as Galin Bronzenose, the ambassador to the human city of Shavenfell. He claims that he was captured by the dragon Caustrex while trying to return to the dwarven stronghold. He said that much of the treasure that the dragon had hoarded had once belonged to the dwarves. However, he allowed that the adventurers had earned some of the gold for their valiant efforts, without which he would have surely perished. Also, he promised additional rewards in the way of dwarven arms and armor once they returned to Dumak Stronghold.

The party rested and started off on their way to the dwarven stronghold. Galin introduced them to several other dwarves and promised that they would meet with the Chieftain, Girdon Dumak. After being shown their quarters, the adventurers celebrated their victory in the beer hall. They learned of the dwarvish tradition of the boast, in which a warrior would declaim to his drunken friends his exploits and prowess.

They honored the dwarves by participating in the tradition. Will lead the story supported by the antics of Numyer and the looming intimidation of Grog. Thorn also participated. The dwarves were very impressed and declared them to be Friends to Hearth and Hall and always welcome to Dumak Stronghold.

The next day they met with the Chieftain who formalized their standing as Dwarf Friends. He also kept the promises made by Galin by commissioning arms and armor enchanted by the secret ways of the dwarves for the victorious party.

Later, the party met with Galin Bronzenose who asked that they assist the dwarves in surveying a safe trade route to Shavenfell. He asked that they map out possible threats and clear away what threats they could. The adventurers were pleased to accept his offer.



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