At the Frontier of Acot


News, if they're interested...

A page with a message from Shavenfell awaits the party in Acot City. He tells them of the success of the Order of the Drake in the Dwarven Stronghold of Dumak. He says that their proteges returned draped in dwarven riches and honor. They had apparently just completed a survey before sending this message on a fast horse. A pouch with 200gp is enclosed.

A message from Glide at the Acosi manor has arrived. The training goes well and they suspect that the recruits will ready for action in another week, although the action will be light. He has heard reports of a small band of lizard folk making raids out of a swamp to the southwest. He wants to send a group of the better trained scouts lead by Haskeer to eliminate the threat. He asks for an immediate reply. Current Acoti Ranger Training lvl: 2 Equipment lvl: 1 Morale lvl: 1 (Level cap is 5, at which point the rangers will be level 5 elite skirmishers)

The king requests word on when the 2 companies of golems will reach the front lines.

News from the front is that half of the northern army has been slain in a surprise attack. The Pernokians appear to have a new mysterious ally. Fort Hourtill has sent a small group of soldiers to investigate. They’ve strengthened their defenses and are requesting masons to reinforce their wooden fortifications with stone. Bidding on a masonry contract has begun.

Rumors have started to percolate through Acot City of a group of monsters to the south and east, in the district of Acot known as the East Rumani Apartment district, or commonly, The Apartments. These monsters mostly appear at night and are known to avoid sunlight.



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